Is your company

going abroad?


a branch in Denmark?

Starting up as

a sole proprietor in Denmark?

Cultural / Language barriers?

Not on our watch!
Courses available.
How we can help you:
More and more companies nowadays establish branches/ subsidiaries in Denmark and vice versa. To the staff that follows, this requires adjustment. By partnering with Interactiva, we can make the adjustment succeed.
We help you connect with a network of contacts from different industries, finding service providers within legal, rental etc. and offering personal and business counseling with strategy definition and more.
Employee's family
Interactiva knows about the obstacles a family can meet when beginning a new life in a foreign country. Integration is our keyword and we make sure that the process runs smoothly.
Whether you are about to start up your own company or simply wish to feel more integrated in the Danish society, Interactiva offers support via our courses in English.
Language & Interpretation
We offer professional translation of any documents, applications, offers and curriculum-vitae's. Professional interpreting in various situations can also be included, depending on your choice.